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Monday - Saturday: 7am-10pm

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Monday - Saturday: 8am-8pm

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Interested & Interesting

Our students study a wide range of subjects from literature to law, natural sciences, theology, and rhetoric. Browse our collection and find your next interest.

Study everything. Later, you will see that nothing is superfluous. —Hugh of Saint Victor

From our shelves

  • Theology

    As queen of the sciences, theology provides the bookends for the undergraduate program: students take a full year of theology in both their freshman and senior years.

  • Language

    The study of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Middle English help our students read Scripture, the classics, and other primary sources in their original languages.

  • Humanities

    Philosophy, literature, history, politics, economics, rhetoric—these subjects comprise the fabric of culture and society. Our students study humanity's most significant ideas and their culturally shaping effects.




Maths & Sciences