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Riot and the Dance (Wilson - hardcover)

Riot and the Dance (Wilson - hardcover)

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Author: Gordon Wilson 

ISBN: 9781591281238

Binding: hardcover

Section: Canon Press

If you thought biology was the province of secular scientists, think again: The Riot and the Dance is biology like you've never seen it before. With over 130 original illustrations and several hundred figures total, this book is first and foremost an approachable and readable explanation of the basics of biology. But Dr. Wilson doesn't dumb down the concepts, either. Using analogies, anecdotes, and simple, personable language, Dr. Wilson teaches students the bottom-line themes and key details of biology. The Riot and the Dance is not a pile of disconnected facts: it is an integrated foundation for understanding biological life, and it will stir up curiosity about all life from fungus firearms to familiar vertebrates -- that, along with a greater desire to praise the Creator of it all.


In "Part 1: The Living Cell," non-major college biology students or high school students will be introduced to:

- the basics of cellular and molecular biology, including the "motors" of flagella and other awe-inspiring nano-machines

- the "how and why" of photosynthesis, cellular respiration, the central dogma, mitosis, meiosis, recombinant DNA technology, Mendelian genetics, and more...


"Part 2: The Diversity of Life," gives a fascinating tour of:

- the major phyla of all six taxonomic kingdoms

- important concepts in the creation/evolution debate

- an exciting survey of God's living handiwork, including the tiny, deadly Trypanosoma, fungus firearms, sedentary sponges, and bizarre echinoderms; along with unfamiliar facts about the life-cycles and habits of vertebrates and plants

- the basics of ecology, such as symbiotic relationships, food webs, and the interdependency of life

- a biblical approach to conservation, and much more...


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