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Westminster Systematics (Wilson - paperback)

Westminster Systematics (Wilson - paperback)

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Author: Douglas Wilson

ISBN: 9781591281771

Binding: paperback

Section: Canon Press

The Westminster Confession of faith is often treated as the Bible of the Reformed Church. Yet how few of us have actually read it? In this study guide, Douglas Wilson takes the theologically interested layman through the Confession itself, reading the entire text and succinctly and clearly analyzing topics including the Trinity, the Fall, God's covenant with man, the sacraments, free will, justification, the civil magistrate, and more.

For those who want to dig deeper, Wilson has assigned extra readings and comprehension questions from three different authors (A.A. Hodge, Thomas Vincent, and Francis Turretin). The perfect medicine for a culture obsessed with word-bending and qualification, Westminster Systematics offers an unapologetic and systematic distillation of the word of God.


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