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Text of the New Testament: 3rd Ed >OUT OF PRINT<

Text of the New Testament: 3rd Ed >OUT OF PRINT<

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Author: Bruce Manning Metzger

ISBN: 9780195072976

Binding: paperback

Section: Languages

Keyword: third

Description: For more than twenty-five years the standard account of the compilation and transmission of the New Testament, this text offers a comprehensive survey of ancient and newly-discovered manuscripts, and considers both the science and art of textual criticism as applied to the interpretation ofmanuscripts. Containing references to more than 150 additional books and articles dealing with Greek manuscripts, early versions, and critical studies of witnesses to the text of the New Testament, it covers a variety of textual problems and provides an objective account of the several schools oftextual methodology. The third edition describes advances in textual criticism of the New Testament since 1964. The Text of the New Testament, 3/e remains a definitive resource for courses in biblical studies and the history of Christianity.


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