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Personality and Worldview (Bavink - hardcover)

Personality and Worldview (Bavink - hardcover)

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Author: J. H. Bavinck

ISBN: 9781433584831

Binding: hardcover

Section: Christianity-General

Description: An Examination of Worldview, Worldvision, and the Soul by Dutch Reformed Theologian J. H. Bavinck, Translated into English for the First Time Modern evangelicals differ on their concept of "worldview." Many have varying definitions of it and some even consider it to be a wholly unhelpful term in understanding the world around them. This volume by Johan Herman Bavinck examines the relationship between the soul, each human's unique personality, and worldview--acknowledging the importance of worldview while recognizing the dangers if worldviews are misapplied. Personality and Worldview by J. H. Bavinck, nephew and student of Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Bavinck, creates a distinction between a worldvision (which all people have) and a worldview (which only few have in a mature and wise way). Profoundly influenced by the works of St. Augustine, Bavinck challenges readers to allow the gospel to reshape their worldviews and their personalities as they pursue godly wisdom. Translated into English for the first time by James Eglinton, Bavinck's accessible prose, personal applications, and more will greatly serve pastors, students, and laypeople alike. Foreword by Timothy Keller: Keller writes, "I could not be happier that Johan Herman Bavinck's Personality and Worldview has been made accessible to the English-speaking world. It is an important work, perhaps even what we call a 'game-changer.'" Edited and Translated by James Eglinton: An expert scholar and author on the Dutch neo-Calvinist tradition Introduction by the Editor: Provides an overview of the book and a brief introduction to Johan Herman Bavinck's life For Readers Who Enjoy Herman Bavinck: Works as a follow-up text to Herman Bavinck's Christian Worldview


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