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No Mere Mortals (Sumpter - hardcover)

No Mere Mortals (Sumpter - hardcover)

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Author: Toby Sumpter

ISBN: 9781952410628

Binding: hardcover

Section: Faculty & Alumni

Description: "In recent decades, we have essentially reduced marriage to a permanent roommate situation with sexual benefits. Our assumptions about the purpose and mission of the family make the biblical commands seem obtuse or oppressive. When it comes to discussing the leadership of the man and the submission of the woman, it can sound like the Bible is insisting that the man controls the TV remote, since for many people what we're going to watch seems like the biggest decision that needs to be made in the home. But the Biblical picture of the family is something far more glorious. Far more dangerous. Something far more like a nuclear reactor. Maybe you just got married and you're wanting to make sure the cement dries and the foundation is plumb. Or, maybe you've been married for many years now, and you're looking for some retooling. A refresher, a little brush up on what this whole marriage thing is. Or maybe your marriage is in trouble, and you're looking for help. Or maybe you aren't quite married yet-you're just engaged and looking to start off your new life together on the right path. No matter which of these you are, this book begins with our only hope for a Christian marriage: Jesus Christ, and then walks through some of the most important principles for building a strong foundation and walking together with your spouse in the Lord"--


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