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My Man Jeeves (Wodehouse - paperback)

My Man Jeeves (Wodehouse - paperback)

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Author: P. G. Wodehouse

ISBN: 9781789505429

Binding: paperback

Section: Fiction

Description: A hapless gentleman, Bertie Wooster, and his all-knowing valet, Jeeves, embark upon a series of humorous hijinks in New York City. They encounter a dazzling cast of characters along the way, including cantankerous aunts, amiable aristocrats, and careless cousins. Whether confronted by outlandish plots, Wooster's own buffoonery, or an everyday meeting gone awry, it is always Jeeves who saves the day.Masterfully told and hysterically funny throughout, My Man Jeeves marks the hilarious beginning of one of literature's greatest comedy double-acts.


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