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Mama's Bank Account (Forbes - paperback)

Mama's Bank Account (Forbes - paperback)

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Author: Kathryn Forbes

ISBN: 9780156563772

Binding: paperback

Section: Fiction

Description: Kathryn Forbes's Mama's Bank Account, based on childhood, is the bestselling book that inspired the play, film, and television series, and the Richard Rodgers musical, I Remember Mama.There is no mother in fiction more resourceful, incorruptible, and endearing than the Mama of these charming adventures about an immigrant Norwegian family living in San Francisco in the early 1900s. It is Mama who knows how to deal with the doctor's avaricious wife when Papa needs an operation. It is Mama who finds recompense when the roomer leaves without paying the rent. It is Mama, with her mysterious bank account, who discovers a way to keep her children from growing up afraid. Everyone will remember Mama long after the last page of this book is turned."It is impossible to give in words the warm quality of this little book. It has the lights and shadows that give life depth and meaning."--Harper's Magazine"You meet one of the nicest family's imaginable; a family that should restore or reinforce your faith in human nature, and give you a great many chuckles in the bargain."--Philadelphia Inquirer


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