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Lilith (MacDonald - Mint Ed. paperback)

Lilith (MacDonald - Mint Ed. paperback)

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Author: George MacDonald

ISBN: 9781513277516

Binding: paperback

Section: SF/Fantasy

Description: A library owner, guided by a spirit, travels through a magic mirror where he visits a mystical realm full of supernatural figures and dormant souls. Lilith: A Romance is a dark fantasy fueled by symbolism and moral allegories. After Mr. Vane inherits his parents' estate, he encounters a mysterious figure in its library. The entity is called Raven, and leads him to an old mirror, which offers a pathway to another world. Mr. Vane engages and quickly discovers a new land filled with eccentric characters and creatures. He meets the beautiful but dangerous Lilith, who shares a complicated history with Raven. Through this venture, Mr. Vane is unknowingly pulled into a spiritual and familial battle. Lilith: A Romance is a fantasy novel that explores life, love, death and redemption. It shows how a spiritual awakening can affect every aspect of one's life. The reader must attempt to separate good from evil as well as dreams from reality. With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Lilith: A Romance is both modern and readable.


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