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Lectures on Calvinism (Kuyper - Eerdmans paperback)

Lectures on Calvinism (Kuyper - Eerdmans paperback)

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Author: Abraham Kuyper

ISBN: 9780802816078

Binding: paperback

Section: Chr-General

"Lectures on Calvinism," a series of lectures sponsored by the Stone Foundation, was delivered by Abraham Kuyper at the Princeton Theological Seminary in 1898. Over the course of the lectures, Kuyper discusses Calvinism and the way it pertains to many aspects of life including politics, science, and art. According to Kuyper, Calvinism has a natural affinity for scientific investigation, because like scientific inquiry, Calvinism seeks to unify the cosmos under universal laws. Predestination, he says, proves that a set of laws exist to govern the world, and science is merely trying to figure them out. In "Lectures on Calvinism," Kuyper launches into a defense of Calvinism, which is often maligned as a religion that seeks to stamp out art and its significance. Readers will find here a thorough and elegant explanation of Calvinism and its particular outlook on life. 


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