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Jesus and Pacifism (Fulford- paperback)

Jesus and Pacifism (Fulford- paperback)

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Author: Andrew A. Fulford

ISBN: 9780692812723

Binding: paperback

Section: Christianity-General

Publisher: Davenant Press

Description: In recent decades, the ideal of pacifism has gone from the margins to the mainstream, first among liberal Protestantism and more recently among evangelicals as well. Frustrated with the misguided militarism of the Christian Right, many young Christians have turned to the works of Stanley Hauerwas, and John Howard Yoder, seeking a more authentic way to walk in the way of Jesus. In this book, Andrew Fulford shows that these arguments, while well-intentioned, fail to take seriously the whole biblical witness and even the teaching of Jesus, and recommends that contemporary Christians troubled by the scourge of violence look instead to the magisterial Protestant just war tradition.


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