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Faculty & Alumni

Classical Me Classical Thee

Classical Me Classical Thee

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Author: Rebekah Merkle

ISBN: 9781591282099

Binding: paperback

Section: Faculty & Alumni

Description: "Everyone is so busy giving the classical education to the students that I'm not sure people have taken the time to actually tell them why it matters..."Rebekah Merkle knows which high school classes you like and which you roll your eyes at, which books you enjoy and which you kinda skim. That's because she went through this whole thing called classical education, too: She was a guinea pig in one of the very first classical Christian schools in the country.Written for students by a (former) student, Classical Me, Classical Thee is lighthearted and--most importantly for you busy high-schoolers--very short. It has a simple goal: to explain why you students are doing what you do in class. (SPOILER: Grades aren't the point--you won't use your knowledge of the Iliad Book 5 every year until you die.) What you do in class is a drill -- and nobody drills for the sake of the drill. You do drills so that you can win the game. The real tragedy, though, would be if you didn't know you were doing drills... or didn't know there was a game at all. Grades aren't the point. So drill to win.


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