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Bound Only Once (Wilson - paperback)

Bound Only Once (Wilson - paperback)

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Editor: Douglas Wilson

ISBN: 9781885767844

Binding: paperback

Section: Faculty & Alumni

The problems with Open theism lie deeper than most critiques suggest. This book interacts not only with the truth claims of Open theism but also its distorted aesthetic and ethical assumptions that do so much work in that program. Open theists characterize the God of classical Christian theism as a distant, despotic, micromanaging, petty, Mr. Burns sovereign, with little time for nonsense or tissues. They depict the god of Open theism as a nineties sort of guy, ready to enter into new experiences, feel our pain, and link pinkies into an unknown future.

Open theists insist that God has knowledge, but not all knowledge, certainly not knowledge of the future acts of free beings and some statues. Such Open theistic inferences reveal a deep-seated devotion to Enlightenment categories and narrow unpoetic imaginations. Ideas have destinations, and one of the consequences of our trying to read the Scriptures without any poetry in our souls will be the eventual destruction of any possibility of ministering to souls. Just imagine the hymn writer trying to lift up the downcast: "I know not what the future holds, but I know Who also doesn't know much about it either."

Contributors to this collection of essays include John MacArthur, John Frame, Peter Leithart, Steve Schlissel, R.C. Sproul, Jr., and Douglas Wilson.


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