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Holy Fear (Fox - paperback)

Holy Fear (Fox - paperback)

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Author: Christina Fox

ISBN: 9781601788092

Binding: paperback

Section: Christianity-General

Description: Fear--it's something we all experience. Fears about the future, an illness, or what others might think about us can rule our hearts and steal our joy. Did you know, though, that the Bible commands Christians to fear? Believers are to fear the Lord. But what does that mean? In A Holy Fear, Christina Fox unpacks what the "fear of the Lord" means and what it looks like in our lives. By giving examples of such fear in the Bible, exploring the fruits of that fear in our lives, and uncovering God's promises to those who fear Him, this book will help you disarm your lesser fears, applying what you learn to your heart and turning to a fear of the Lord. Table of Contents: 1. A Fear-Filled Life 2. Fear the Lord 3. Fear the Lord for Who He Is 4. Fear the Lord for What He Has Done 5. Growing in the Fear of the Lord 6. The Fruit of Holy Fear 7. From Fear to Fear 8. God's Promises to the Fearful Conclusion: A Life of Holy Fear


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